Micro-Blaze® 19 Litres Emergency Liquid Spill Control– Concentrate (For clean-up of Hydrocarbon Spills)

As used on Railway Sites Australia Wide

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SpillSupport's Micro-Blaze® product has been developed and manufactured in the United States since 1987 and is now used in many countries around the world to clean up and remediate hydrocarbon and organic waste products.

Note: General usage between 3% and 6% mix with water

Advantages of using Micro-Blaze® over other products are:

a)            Contains a proprietary blend of wetting agents, nutrients and several strains of safe, non-pathogenic Bacillus bacteria.

b)            Completely biodegradable.

c)            Eliminates vapours and LEL’s to create a safe non- volatile work environment.

d)            Harmless bi-products of water, carbon dioxide and trace salts.

e)            Reduces unpleasant odours.

f)             Clean up and remediation of wastes done in-situ. No expensive cradle to grave costs. 

g)            Suitable for use with fresh/brackish and seawater.

h)            Products are PH Neutral.

i)             Long shelf life in unopened container. 

The Micro-Blaze® range of products provide a cost effective and environmentally friendly clean up solution for many hydrocarbon and organic wastes.

  • Eliminates vapours and LEL’s creating a safe environment
  • Remediates Hydrocarbon Spills
  • Environmentally friendly
  • A leader in bio-remediation for over 30 years

Micro-Blaze ® Emergency Liquid Spill Control is a safe, non-toxic, microbial formulation that comes in an easy-to use concentrated liquid.  Simply dilute with water down with water to the recommended percentage (typically 3% to 6% and apply the diluted solution.  It breaks down, degrades, and digests organic waste while also controlling vapours and eliminating flammability.

Any unused concentrate will maintain its approximate 10-year shelf-life.  The residue and run-off after applying the diluted Micro-Blaze® Emergency Liquid Spill Control solution can be safely sent to industrial and municipal waste water treatment plants.  The numerous strains of microbes in Micro-Blaze®Emergency Liquid Spill Control create a synergistic blend for the degradation of hydrocarbons, pollutants, and other organic wastes.  All of our microbes are naturally occurring, not genetically engineered, and are found in souls and waters all over the earth.  These microbes have been carefully researched tested, and chosen for the affinity to degrade hydrocarbons and organics and, together with a proprietary blend of wetting agents and nutrients, create and ideal and easy to use formulation for treatment of various organic contamination. 


  • Emergency / 1st Response
  • Soil Remediation
  • Industrial
  • Railroad Industry & Rail tracks
  • Spills & Leaks
  • Refinery & Chemical Plants
  • Fire Emergency Departments
  • Power & Utility Plants
  • Aviation

 Micro-Blaze® Emergency Liquid Spill Control is listed on the U.S. EPA NCP Product Schedule as a bio-remediation agent.


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