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EcoBanna, Australia's PVC free flexible advertising banner material

15 March 2023
Brendan Clayton

EcoBanna, Australia's PVC free flexible advertising banner material

No doubt all of us are trying our best to protect our environment for future generations!

If you are looking for a more environmentally friendly option when branding your construction site fence?

Look no further! EcoBanna by Industroquip is a premium Bannamesh product that is PVC Free making it far more environmentally friendly than alternative fence banner mesh products currently on the Australian market.

For years advertising banners have been traditionally printed on PVC based materials.

PVC can take years to break down so using it on advertising banners is causing problems for our environment every time we use them, the great news is there is a solution.

First introduced to the market in 2022, EcoBanna is Australia's eco-friendly PVC free banner material designed by the Bannamesh team which is part of Industroquip.

So if you are currently using billboard banners, mesh banners, advertising banners, make sure next time you order you specify EcoBanna!

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