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Floorsweep & Ground Absorbents

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Industroquip offer a large range of absorbents in stock ready for fast shipping Australia Wide!

Floorsweep, loose absorbents and ground absorbents are also known as kitty litters or floors absorbents.

Industroquip has a vast range of absorbent granules to absorb spills on factory floors, workshops, roads, car parks or on soil for example agriculture or mining situations.

Industroquip's range of absorbents have been designed for different jobs and have different absorbency rates for example some floorsweep works well in and around water, while others supress odours effectively.

When selecting the correct absorbent you need to consider whether it biodegrades, if it’s bioactive, will it damage painted floor surfaces, how should it be disposed, what liquid groups can it be used on.

Our most popular loose absorbent by far is the Guzzler All Purpose Absorbent which is Australian Made, Organic, All Natural Product, Guzzleris available in pallet buys or can be sold in individual 20KG Bags.

Industroquip stock absorbents in New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia ready for fast delivery direct to your site or workshop and can ship to all other states in Australia very fast.