Water filled barriers are a cost effective solution to concrete barriers and are perfect for directing and controlling pedestrian and vehicle traffic on and around work sites.

Mostly short term civil projects don’t justify the cost of installing concrete barriers, but still, require some form of exclusion barricade, the economic choice in this situation is to use water filled barriers.

Water filled barriers are very lightweight and extremely easy to deploy, manoeuvre and install onsite without the use of a crane and once filled these same barriers can weigh up to 500Kgs depending on the model.

Lighter barriers as expected are not crash rated and provide a low impact, a visual barrier to control pedestrian traffic or are recommended for deployment in very low-speed areas such as car parks, events and construction sites.

Some of our heavier duty barriers are crash rated for use on roads, ask our barrier experts for more information on crash rated barriers.

Industroquip Safety & Signage hold huge stock quantities of the crash and non-crash rated plastic barriers ready for immediate delivery to worksites Australia Wide, read case study on recent water filled barrier project the team at Industroquip delivered for the Melbourne Metro Project by clicking here, our expert customer service team can provide in-depth information on water filled barriers and other barricading solutions for your sites.

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