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Height Safety Equipment

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Industroquip Height Safety Equipment Australia

Recognising the need for improved safety

At Industroquip, we recognize the need for change to improve the safety of those who carry out work in challenging environments. We believe that zero tolerance is essential to the fall protection and safety industry, simply because our lives depend on it.

For the last 20 years, Industroquip has been at the forefront of height safety throughout Australasia. Our equipment is the result of extensive global research, innovation and design.

Industroquip is proud to be the authorised distributor for many leading brands of height safety equipment from safety harnesses, lanyards, tool tethering and much more.

We have a large range of Safety Harnesses, Harness Kits, Confined Space Rescue Kits, EWP Kits, Lanyards, Temporary Anchors, Post Fall Rescue Kits and much more.

Contact our Height Safety Category Manager Gary Clayton on 0448 005 761 or for an onsite product demo or for special pricing.



Expert Advice

When should a safety harness be inspected in Australia?

When should a safety harness be inspected in Australia?

The short answer is every 6 months, however its recommended more often if the harness is used in harsh environments including dusty, abrasive or corrosive work environments.

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