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Danger Signs

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Danger Signs have the word 'DANGER' inside a red oval which is inside a black rectangle. Sign text is in black text on a white background.

Danger Signs in Australia warn of hazards and/or hazardous conditions that are likely to be life threatening.

If you'd like more information or an onsite safety signage consultation contact one of our safety sign experts on 1300554192 we have also  introduced a new Self Audit Tool that allows you to perform your own onsite safety sign audits completely free of charge.

So next time you need to conduct a safety sign audit on your site, save the time and money and do it yourself with our new safety signs self audit tool.

The new tool covers all areas of your facility and has a comprehensive checklist covering all aspects of workplace safety sign requirements, once completed it will be submitted to our team to check over it and compile a detailed report free of charge for you.

For your copy of this comprehensive safety sign audit tool, call me now on 1300554192 and I'll email you a copy as soon as possible, alternatively email

All Industroquip Danger Signs can be customised to suit your exact requirements and we can also add your logo to help improve on site branding and reduce pilferage.

Check out our new YouTube video for more information on Danger Signs in Australia