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Water Filled Barriers VS Procedural/ Soft Controls on a mine site

04 April 2023
Brendan Clayton

Water Filled Barriers VS Procedural/ Soft Controls on a mine site

A few short years back, A 100 tonne D11 Caterpillar dozer (the dozer) reversed over a light vehicle (LV) that entered the work area of the dozer. The dual cabin Volkswagen Amarok utility was extensively crushed, but the LV driver was not injured. This incident occurred on an access ramp during back blading works at a Hunter Valley Mine Site.

These photographs belong to the mine and NSW Resource Regulator and are included in this article are a reminder of the consequences that may occur when light vehicles come into contact with heavy earthmoving machinery. The photos also demonstrate the extent of the damage and potential for harm.

One point the NSW Resource Regulator highlighted was the need of hard barriers rather than procedural/ soft controls.

So what is a procedural/ soft control?

Whether hazard controls are procedural (Safe Work Procedure/Process) or Soft (Culture/Competencies/Belief) they share the common purpose of ensuring hazard control objectives are ultimately effective.

Whilst we'd love to think procedures and workplace safety culture could eliminate all accidents it is important to still have safety equipment in place in case someone slips up.


Absolutely get your procedures in place, work on improving your soft controls like safety culture and also put in physical hard barriers to seperate LV's and Heavy Plant & Machinery.

Many mine sites are finding the use of the ExoGuard BC1000 Water Filled Barrier ideal for providing hard barriers to prevent Light Vehicles coming into contact with Heavy Vehicles.

Here is a recent truck load of water filled barriers going to a Mine Site near Mackay in Qld.

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