Black Knight Gripmaster Safety Glove - 12

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Black Knight Gripmaster Glove features:

Black Gripmaster® coating technology ensures the Black Knight has excellent grip in wet, oily environments

Multi-layered Gripmaster technology prevents oil penetration while repelling water ensuring excellent grip

Anti-Bac antimicrobial treatment provides protection against harmful bacteria and an anti-odour barrier

13 gauge lycra/nylon shell provides stretch for a close fit and breathability

No strikethrough to the inside of the glove to cause irritation or heat build up

Machine washable increasing glove life without reducing effectiveness of Anti-Bac treatment

Thin coating ensures superior flexibility and dexterity


Materials handling work General purpose work glove Hand and Power Tool Operations Maintenance Operations Baggage handling Construction industry Automotive industry Logistics and warehousing Mining Agriculture Pulp and Paper


Brand Maxisafe

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