Hydrated People Do More!

Author: Brendan Clayton   Date Posted:29 September 2016 

The hydration of your staff is so important not only for productivity but also safety

Did you know, “Hydrated people do more”? It is a fact.

Hydration of staff (especially outdoor workers or those exposed to high temperatures) is extremely important, however it  is often overlooked by those of us in WHS. Dehydration reduces staff morale, productivity and most importantly safety as reaction times are slowed.

Even very mild dehydration of as low as 1% can affect people at work by up to 12% and productivity dramatically decreases from there.

Not only does productivity decrease significantly so does alertness and reaction times which is extremely dangerous especially when your staff are completing dangerous tasks or operating vehicles, even mild dehydration has similar effects to being over the limit, (3% dehydration has a similar effect to having an alcohol blood reading of 0.08) that is a scary statistic when you consider the fact that if you judge your hydration by when you feel thirsty or have a dry mouth you are already dehydrated.

So by now you may be asking how do I keep my staff hydrated? Water is obviously the answer here however important minerals are also lost when you sweat called electrolytes which play very important roles including water retention in your body, so firstly educating your staff about hydration and then providing bottled water and electrolyte supplements is the perfect plan to implement in your workplace.

Industroquip Safety & Signage stock a large range of electrolyte products that range from ice blocks to concentrates or powders to add to water, view our rehydration products on our website now http://www.industroquip.com.au/first-aid/re-hydration-cooling/  and remember to make rehydration a priority on your safety agenda as hydrated people do more and are safer people.

It is now spring and the heat of summer will hit us before we know it so be sure to also stock up on sunscreen and hats before the heat of summer hits!


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