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Bannamesh™ for the exciting new Vaxxas biomedical manufacturing facility in QLD

14 April 2022
Brendan Clayton

Bannamesh™ for the exciting new Vaxxas biomedical manufacturing facility in QLD

The Bannamesh team here at Industroquip were pleased to work with with Department of State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning, BMD Group (BMD) and Hansen Yuncken on the exciting new Vaxxas biomedical manufacturing facility at Northshore Hamilton Queensland.

Due for completion by Q2, 2022, Vaxxas will be repurposing 4,000 square metres of warehouse within the Northshore Hamilton precinct into a biomedical facility providing offices, labs and cleanrooms.

The advanced technology entails a dry-coated vaccine patch to be applied to the skin. The vaccine deposits into the skin’s immune cells, which will create an efficient immune response. A doctor or a nurse won’t have to administer the patch.

Clinical trials at Australia’s Translational Research Institute in Woolloongabba show that the needle-free vaccines produce six times more antibodies within a short period compared to vaccines administered through the needle. 

Vaxxas’ new vaccine has the support of the World Health Organisation, the pharmaceutical company Merck and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. 

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