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Bannamesh™ VS Alternative Fence Banner Mesh

29 November 2021
Brendan Clayton

Bannamesh™ VS Alternative Fence Banner Mesh

5 key benefits of Bannamesh over against competing products in the Australian market

When purchasing Banner Mesh products there is far more than actually meets the eye, that is of course until the ink fades or the fence banner mesh product rips or breaks down.

We often get asked what is the difference between Bannamesh from Industroquip and Fence Banner Mesh products from other competiting companies.

The main difference is the unique RS-10 Rip Stop material meaning our premium Bannamesh product will not rip or tear like others.

Fire Retardant Material - All genuine Bannamesh is Fire Retardant which is very important especially when wrapping scaffolding, there have been many terrible fires on scaffolding caused by the mesh not being fire retardant.

The team of product engineers at BannaMesh has worked hard behind the scenes to develop a flame retardant scaffold mesh that complies with the aforementioned industry guidance. Our product is also fully compliant with wind ratings for scaffold netting and is fully printable, too. This means you can meet all industry standards with regards to Safe Work NSW standards, and also take your marketing to a whole new level. All you need to do is to contact our team at BannaMesh and ask everything you want to know about our flame retardant scaffold mesh!

Many materials and substances found in workplaces are flammable or combustible. The risks associated with a certain material or substance may not be immediately obvious; however, the implications could be catastrophic. Independent testing of building materials for fire hazard properties is required to appropriately assess and control the risks. Get in touch with us today for product compliance certificates and a free quote for your current site.

Specially formulated ink - Industroquip has our own specially formulated inks developed exclusively by a team of industrial chemists for the printing of mesh banners, our inks will outlast all others for many years.

Another key difference is the eyelets, all Industroquip genuine Bannamesh comes with Stainless Steel Eyelets, Stainless Steel Eyelets dont rust and the also do not become brittle or crack like the plastic eyelets used by many competitors.


Inseperable Welded Edges - All banners manufactured in our Newcastle print facility are welded at 450 degrees making the edging completing inseperable, other manufactures stick taped edging on and obviously this doesnt last anywhere near as long. This means Bannamesh putlasts competing fence banner mesh products at least 3 times.

For all your construction signage and banner mesh requirements contact the team at Industroquip now on 1300 554 192, we are the largest manufacturer of printed fence mesh and scrim in Australia and offer a superior product - Fast!






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