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3 Key benefits of shadow boards

09 August 2022
Brendan Clayton

3 Key benefits of shadow boards

Shadow Boards have long been popular in food and beverage manufacturing plants across Australia however they are now making massive in roads into the warehousing and manufacturing industries right across Australia.

You may be asking why are shadow boards popular and what are the benefits of introducing them to your workplace, below we go over 3 key benefits of shadow boards in all types of workplaces.

Save Time!

If you've ever worked in a manufacturing plant or a busy warehouse facility you'll no how annoying and what a waste of time it is if you can't find something as simple as broom when you need it. 

Implementing shadow boards into your workplace keeps all your tools, cleaning equipment, safety products, packaging tools or virtually anything for that matter in its place, therefore its there ready to go right when you next need to use it.

Keep Tidy & Safe!

Obvious one here but if you've ever walked through a messy workplace you know there are accidents waiting to happen every step of the way, from brooms, shovels and general mess left anywhere and everywhere.

Implementing Shadow Boards in  your workplace will eliminate workplace accidents and injuries.

Look Professional!

Every good company knows that it is important to look professional especially when visitors like sales reps, clients etc come for a walk through of your manufacturing plant or warehouse, as they say first impressions count.

Having a tidy and safe workplace with shadow boards around to keep everything in its place is the best way to create a professional image, we can also print your shadow boards with you company logo's and have them in your corporate colours etc.

For more information on shadow boards for your warehouse or factory please contact Brendan on 1300 554 192 or now.




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