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How do I choose the correct Ionnic Mine Light Bar?

08 August 2022
Brendan Clayton

How do I choose the correct Ionnic Mine Light Bar?

When choosing a roof top light bar for your mining vehicle there is a few points you need to consider to make sure you make the right purchasing decision.

The first step is to consider whether you would like it easily removable or fixed permanently.

If you would like to remove it, we have high quality magnetic options that are very popular especially for situations where you would like to use your vehicle for recreational usage on weekends or don't require your vehicle to permanently kitted out with mine spec equipment.

Secondly you need to consider whether the site you are working on requires reversing beepers or qwackers, any of our mine vehicle light bars can be easily customised to either option.

Another consideration is whether or not you would like work lights fitted to your mine bar, these can be extremely handy especially when working at night and for those early morning site visits.

When it comes to rotating beacons all our mine bars are fitted with low profile amber LED beacons however we can also swap these out for another rotating beacon if required.

To discuss in further detail or to order your roof top mine bar please reach out to the team now on 1300 554 192 or

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