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What are the different coloured Barrier Tapes used for?

10 January 2022
Brendan Clayton

What are the different coloured Barrier Tapes used for?

Here is a brief overview of the different barrier tapes and what they are used for.

We often get asked why is there different coloured barrier tapes and what are they used for, here is a brief run down on barrier tapes and what the different colours stand for.

Red & White

Red & White Barricade Tape stands for 'DANGER' this is where there is a potentially life threatening danger like a deep excavation or a dangerous machine that could cause life threatening injuries or death. 

Black & Yellow

Black & Yellow Barricade Tape stands for 'CAUTION' which is to warn of a hazard that isnt life threatening but could cause injury, examples of these may be piles of building materials or waste or other trip hazards etc.

Blue & White

Blue & White Barricade Tape is used on Railway projects, this is to remove any risk of train drivers mistaking red tape for a red signal on a rail site.

We trust this article helps you in identifying the different colour barrier tapes and what they are to be used for, if you have any further questions about barrier tapes and other barrier products please contact our team now on 1300 554 192.

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