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Introducing NXG™ – The Next Generation in Safety Gloves

Choosing the best hand protection for your workers is a big decision. Safety gloves need to provide the highest standards of protection without compromising comfort and performance. That’s why we are proud to introduce NXG to the Australian market. This next generation in safety gloves uses advanced technology to bring you the highest standard in safety, fit and comfort so you can get the job done efficiently and effectively.

NXG’s next generation gloves can withstand the toughest environments and have been specially developed to meet technical safety specifications. NXG keep all their development and manufacturing processes in-house to ensure the highest quality and consistency in their range. And many products in the NXG glove range are designed to be used for multiple purposes so you can streamline your hand protection needs.

It can be challenging to develop gloves that provide superior protection without sacrificing comfort and performance. NXG have developed innovative yarns and coating materials that ensure dexterity and comfort while preventing hand fatigue and providing maximum protection. Gloves need to be fit for purpose and suited to their application and the risks involved. NXG’s extensive range has you covered.