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Carbon Neutral Safety Signs

26 October 2021
Brendan Clayton

Carbon Neutral Safety Signs

Industroquip's poly safety signs are made using the world’s first 100% carbon neutral polypropylene sheet. Made from 50 to 100% recycled material. Non-toxic. 100% tree-free. And 100% Australian made!!!

When considering purchasing Safety Signs especially for temporary work site usage it is important to consider the effects your safety signs are having on the environment.

We often get asked what are the advantages of using poly safety signs and one of the most important benefits of Industroquip’s range of polypropylene Safety Sign range is how environmentally friendly it is.

Industroquip’s polypropylene material is the world’s first 100% carbon neutral polypropylene sheet, manufactured from 50 to 100% recycled material.

The polypropylene material we use in our range of quality, compliant Australian Made Safety Signs is completely non-toxic. 100% tree-free and 100% Australian made. It provides complete environmental responsibility.

Made from post-industrial waste, it is non-toxic and highly energy efficient during its manufacture. It has carbon-neutral certification and whatever emissions can’t be reduced are offset through purchasing certified carbon credits, resulting in a 100% carbon neutral sheet.

For environmentally friendly, completely durable, uv stable safety signs that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use demand Industroquip Poly Safety Signs on your next project!

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