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Do I need a roof walkway system?

13 January 2022
Brendan Clayton

Do I need a roof walkway system?

Roof Walkways are essential for buildings that have solar or other roof top plant

Do I need a roof walkway system?

If you have roof top plant and equipment like solar panels, air conditioning units and motorised fans etc then you most likely need a roof walkway system to provide safe access for contractors servicing and cleaning this equipment.

Access to rooftop plant and equipment

Rooftop walkways, catwalk systems and elevated walkways provide permanent and controlled access for contractors and maintenance technicians to undertake work on a range of elevated surfaces especially roof top plant and equipment like HVAC and Solar Systems.

Roof access walkway systems offer a sturdy and secure path for workers, providing a non-slip surface in all weather conditions and removing potential trip hazards.

Prevent roof damage.

Roof access walkways have the added benefit of protecting roof sheets and membranes from damage in high traffic areas, significantly reducing maintenance costs.

Reduce potential litigation

A well designed and compliant roof walkway system will ensure workers stay away from any potentially dangerous areas such as fall zones or vulnerable roof sheets and provide a safe method of access over skylights. A suspended walkway or catwalk system can provide access above or between large machinery, silos etc. This prevents injuries and death and reduces potential litigation.

Prevent falls & save lives

Most importantly a quality walkway system will keep your workers at height, safe and your site compliant, reducing injury and workplace liability. 

To find out more about roof walkway systems and how they can benefit you as a property owner or manager please contact 1300 554 192 now

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