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Do mine flags come with the quick release fittings?

17 February 2023
Brendan Clayton

Do mine flags come with the quick release fittings?

When ordering vehicle mine flags or buggy whips, customers often ask do your mine flags come with all the fittings required to install them and quick release fittings for easy removable as we leave sites, the answer is Yes, Industroquip Vehicle Mine Flags all come with quick release fittings for easy mounting and unmounting to bull bars, tool boxes, trays and bars.

The standard fittings for mining flags supplied by Industroquip come with the below fittings:

Quick Release Air Fittings

The standard quick release fittings on all Industroquip Mine Flags are pictured below, first off we have the base fitting which bolts to your vehicle or to your magnetic mine flag base and then the mine flag pole is fitted with a male fitting to insert into the female base fitting.

This means mine flags can be quickly and easily removed or installed to a mine vehicle when entering or exiting a mine site or large infrastructure site.

Heavy Duty Spring

All Industroquip vehicle mine safety flags come with a heavy duty stainless steel spring to help protect the mine flag from damage that could be caused when driving under low clearances like trees and even the Maccas drive thru at lunch time.

If you have any other questions regarding our range of Mine Vehicle Flags and other mine spec vehicle accessories please reach out to me on 1300554192 or anytime.



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