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Dump Truck Hits Overhead Wires

21 January 2022
Brendan Clayton

Dump Truck Hits Overhead Wires

Recently another quarry has reported having overhead power lines brought down by a dump truck.

The NSW Resource Regulator has released a statement that another dump truck with his tipper body raised has hit some overhead powerlines and continued to drive forward.

As every one knows this is extremely dangerous and the could cause death or serious injury.

The NSW Resource Regulator has made some comments to the industry;

Operators should consider the risks associated with all activities that may occur near overhead power lines, irrespective of the frequency or complexity of the activity. Consideration should be given to all controls to prevent equipment encroaching on safe approach distances for high voltage overhead power lines, including: 

  • alternate travel routes or work sites 
  • limits on maximum height for any equipment that may travel, or be transported below, or work near overhead power lines 
  • warning signs or barriers (temporary or permanent) for overhead power lines (include safe height limits). 

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