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How long do Industroquip Safety Signs last?

25 November 2021
Brendan Clayton

How long do Industroquip Safety Signs last?

Great question we are always being asked, read all about Industroquip Safety Signs here...

A question we get asked almost daily is how long do Industroquip Safety Signs last?

The question is a very good question because once a safety sign starts to fade or become brittle it isnt very aesthetically pleasing.

For starters it is critical to ensure your safety signs are manufactured here in Australia to withstand the harsh weather conditions especially the high levels of UV in Australia.

Pictured above is a Safety Sign made by Industroquip over 12 years ago and installed on a busy public pathway in Maitland NSW, this pathway has hundreds of walkers, cyclists and pram pushing mums skidding over it every single day, it is also totally exposed to the elements copping the harsh Australian sun for around 10 hours a day not to mention rain, hail and everything else you could imagine.

This safety sign was manufactured from Poly and as you can see after 12 years the red ink is slowly starting to fade and the poly material is starting to become brittle, if we'd know where this safety sign was going to be installed, we would have recommended the client a local plumbing company went for our colorbond safety sign material.

Why colorbond?

Colorbond is an Australian made steel product that is powdercoated in white for exceptional performance for many years. We usually guarantee our metal safety signs for a 10 year period, meaning in this period it will not rot, rust, crack, become brittle or fade. 

This makes colorbond the obvious choice for any situation where the safety sign will be exposed to the elements and needs to remain in great condition for well over a decade.

When to use Poly Safety Signs?

Industroquips poly safety sign materials are also all made in Australia to withstand the Australian conditions, we normally guarantee our Poly Safety Signs for a period of 5 years, this makes them perfect for more temporary situations like construction sites.

Industroquip's polypropylene is manufactured using 50% recycled materials making it a perfect choice for those looking at caring for the environment as much as possible whilst getting your safety message out on site.

The other advantages of Poly are it is flexible and more cost effective than its colorbond companion.

When should I use corflute safety signs?

Corflute is a great material mainly because of its very competitive pricing, however is not suitable for long terms projects, we'd recommend corflute only for temporary use over a few months or up to a year at best.

Will my ink fade?

Any safety sign manufacturer who tells you their inks don't fade are trying to have you on, some claim that because they use UV cured inks they only get harder in the sun hence last forever, this is simple not true.

Industroquip use a range of printing technologies and always use the best process for each individual material, our printers range from Inkjet, Latex and UV cured inks.

All Industroquip inks have been developed by our industrial chemist to outlast all others in the Australian market. As far as we are aware Industroquip is the only printer of Safety Signs in Australia with our unique range of printing inks that is exclusive to our own manufacturing facility and has been developed with you the customer in mind.

So for the very best safety signs in Australia, Specify Industroquip and demand Colorbond for all those long term applications like manufacturing plants, warehouses and long term outdoor applications.

For further information please contact one of our Safety Signs specialists on 1300 554 192 or email 




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