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How often should I mark my pipes with pipe markers?

16 March 2022
Brendan Clayton

How often should I mark my pipes with pipe markers?

We often are asked how often should I mark my pipes with pipe markers, and its a good question, obviously you dont want to overdo it but pipe markers are not very useful if they can't be seen so the first point is they must be placed where they are easily visible.

Below we go over the different suggested locations of pipe markers as per the Australian Standard AS1345.

Straight Pipes

On straight lengths of pipe it is suggested that pipe markers are placed every 8 metres.

Wall & Floor Penetrations

Where a pipe goes through a bulkhead or wall you must place a pipe marker on both sides of the penetration.

Flanges & Valves

You must also place a pipe marker adjacent to all valves and flanges, these must be located on both sides of all valves and flanges.

Changes of Direction

On each side of a junction or elbow fitting you will need to add a pipe marker.

More about Australian Pipe Marking Standards

The Australian Standard 1345-1995 identifies the contents, direction of flow and safety parameters for pipes, conduits and ducts through colour coding. Pipe contents can include water, fluids, air, gases, electronics, and

communications wiring. It is not intended to apply to buried or normally inaccessible services. However, the general principles may be applied when considering those services.

Pipe Markers are a quick way to identify contents in a pipe, especially in emergency situations. Standards for Pipe Identification in Australia are outlined in AS 1345-1995.

A Pipe Marker is a label that shows what is inside the pipe and the direction it flows in. Simply cut off the arrow indicator that is not required and apply to the pipe.

Our pipe markers are made of self-adhesive vinyl and are available in 2 sizes.

Colours of Pipe Identification Labels in Australia


Green pipe marker labels are for water, for example; drinking water, recycled water, waste water but not for sewage and dangerously polluted waters.


Grey pipe markers are generally used for steam, for example; process steam, live steam and exhaust steams


Brown pipe markers are used for flammable liquids, oils, fuels and lubrications


Beige pipe markers are used for Fuel gases, process gases, liquefied gases under pressure, pneumatic transport of particulate solids, exhaust gases & fumes, medical gases


Violet pipe markers are used for acids and alkalis and other corrosive liquids and gases


Blue pipe marker labels are used in Australia for all things air, for example; Compressed air, instrument air, vacuum, ventilation, pneumatic air.


Black pipe markers are used in Australia for other liquids like sewage, organic waste, chemical and process wastes and other chemical mixtures in water.


Red pipe markers are used in Australia for fire services, fire hydrant water supply, fire sprinklers etc


Orange pipe markers identifies electrical power and supply circuits.


White pipe markers generally are used for communication, telephone wiring and other extra low voltage power supply

Industroquip manufactures thousands of pipe markers every single day right here in Australia. This allows us to also provide custom made pipe markers to a specific size or with customised text to suit your exact requirements.

Industroquip sell pipe markers direct to trade customers throughout Australia and also have 25 distributors of our pipe markers which include electrical wholesalers, fastener suppliers, plumbing wholesalers and water infrastructure suppliers.

We also manufacture hydrant markers and other services markers in our state of art manufacturing facility in Rutherford NSW ready for fast shipping all over Australia.

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