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How to prevent falls from heights on silos

31 January 2022
Brendan Clayton

How to prevent falls from heights on silos

How to prevent falls from heights on silos

Farmers and workers every year are seriously injured or even killed while working in, on and around silo’s across Australian farms.

The 3 biggest reasons being falls from heights, being overcome by gases and dusts in confined spaces and getting dragged into grain augers.

If you work around farm silos it is paramount to keep your people safe.

Falls from heights from objects like silos and windmills are one of the largest causes of death on Australian farms, 30 people have died in the past decade falling from heights on farms, don’t take any chances, always make sure you’re safe whilst working at heights.

What should you do to prevent falls from silo’s on your property?

Work from the ground where possible

Make sure you won’t fall, always work on the ground if you can through the use of augers, drones, extension rods or cable systems and sight glasses to operate your silos safely.

If you can’t, what do you do?

If you can’t work from the ground to operate and inspect your silo’s there are other safe options available, such as utilising fixed caged ladders, ladders with fall arrest static lines, installing guardrails to the top of your silo or using an EWP (Elevated working platforms) or fall arrest anchor points, lifelines and safety harnesses.

Need assistance?

If you need assistance please contact one of our height safety experts on 1300 554 192 now or email

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