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Industroquip help Bapcor with their container unloading safety

17 January 2023
Brendan Clayton

Industroquip help Bapcor with their container unloading safety

Bapcor is Asia Pacific's leading provider of vehicle parts, accessories, equipment, service and solutions. With hundreds of shipping containers being unloaded each month at Bapcors new state of art facility in Melbourne they turned to the team at Industroquip for a solution to ensure their container unload teams had the required safety equipment to prevent injuries when unloading shipping containers.

Working along with the safety team the team at Industroquip developed a shadow board containing safety goggles, cut proof gloves, container door safety straps and bolt cutters.

Bolt Cutters - To unlock the shipping containers.

Container Door Safety Straps - These are strapped between the two container doors to prevent staff getting crushed by objects that may have moved during transit, when opening the shipping containers.

Cut 5 Gloves - The Cut 5 Gloves are used while using the bolt cutters to protect the container unload staff from hand injuries.

Safety Goggles - Safety Goggles were another request by the Bapcor team to prevent any possible eye injuries whilst unlocking the container doors.

The end result was a shadow board installed at each container unload area ensuring that the employees that are tasked with container unload are equipped with everything they need to keep safe, we love working with companies like Bapcor to help 'Accelerate their workplaces to zero injuries' so if you have a safety problem or concern reach out now on 1300 554 192 or to discuss further.

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