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Introducing EcoSign, environmentally friendly safety signs

18 February 2022
Brendan Clayton

Introducing EcoSign, environmentally friendly safety signs

If you're looking for an environmentally friendly option when purchasing Safety Signs for your next project, EcoSign is the answer.

EcoSign is a durable Australian Made Safety Sign board manufactured from 50% to 100%  recycled polypropylene and is 100% carbon neutral and 100% recyclable. Polypropylene is highly recyclable but it is generally not able to be recycled through kerbside recycling. Unfortunately to date only around 3% is actually recycled and you can help us on our mission to improve this.

EcoSign is made right here in Australia to withstand the harsh Australian conditions whether your safety signs are going to be in the heat in Port Hedland or the wind of Perth, the cold of Hobart or the wet of far north Queensland.

EcoSign board is also non-toxic making it safe in almost any workplace situation.

In the manufacturing process of the EcoSign safety sign board we use 9000% less water than other board and requires 40% less electricity to produce.

Other advantages of EcoSign are its flexible and will not become brittle, each EcoSign comes with radius corners so there are no sharp edges and predrilled holes for easy installation.

EcoSign can be specified on any safety sign design from our standard range otherwise we can fully customise EcoSign to  suit your exact requirements including photo quality print for marketing signage etc.

Once you are finished on site, we also offer you the option to return your signs for recycling, we then take these signs in bulk to a polypropylene recycling company to be turned into pellets which then get remanufactured into compost bins, pot plants, new safety signs, dishware, gardening equipment and more.

So if you’re looking for an environmentally friendly Safety Sign option, specify EcoSign Safety Signs by Industroquip on your next project.

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