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Jersey Kerb Delineators

Jersey Kerb Delineators

Jersey Kerb Delineators for Concrete Road Barriers Direct from the Manufacturer!

Concrete barrier delineation treatments help to provide drivers with a defined path during darkness and adverse weather conditions. In the NSW RMS specifications, where the safety barrier is located 4 m or less from the nearest edge of the running lane, the standard delineation treatments include this reflective diagonal marker mounted on the concrete barrier at regular intervals.

Retro reflective units or delineators are hard aluminium panels 1.6 mm thick, measuring 150 mm wide x 210 mm high. They are placed on top of the barrier to provide extra visibility for motorists. A diagonal slash of Class 1A Yellow-Green fluorescent reflective sheeting is attached to both sides of the panel, on a black non-reflective background.

To mount the concrete barrier delineators, the direction of the diagonal slash would be forward if it is located on the right hand side of the traffic, and if the barrier is located on the left hand side of the traffic, a backward slash is used. In NSW the delineation unit is attached to the safety barrier at 20 m spacing to provide a coherent pattern of delineation.

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