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New industry first Extreme First Aid & Trauma Kit

17 November 2021
Brendan Clayton

New industry first Extreme First Aid & Trauma Kit

The Modulator Extreme First Aid Kit is - TOUGH. PRACTICAL. LIFESAVING!

For those unexpected and extreme situations, Industroquip have introduced the Modulator Extreme to their range of World Class First Aid Kits.

The Modulator Extreme is a comprehensive First Aid Kit ready for any situation. Perfect for remote workers, farmers, or hazardous work environments such as mines, construction sites, or forestry. With a combination of our lifesaving essentials,

In a nut shell the Modulator Extreme is - TOUGH. PRACTICAL. LIFESAVING.

An industry first kit that combines essential first aid items in 6 easily identifiable modules with a tourniquet and Israeli bandages packaged in a tough, practical and easy to access case. Ready for emergencies, Modulator Extreme has the added benefit of space to add in your choice of Heartsine AED*.

  • IP67 Tough case to suit all environments
  • Protective cut out to suit a Heartsine AED & Prep Kit
  • RapidStop Tourniquet
  • 2x Israeli Trauma Bandages
  • Workplace Compliant First Aid Kit – divided into 6 scenario-specific modules.
  • 19cm Trauma Shears

Mitigate many foreseeable hazards and associated risks identified in workplace risk assessments with Modulator Extreme. 6 First Aid modules allow for fast and effective treatment of mild to severe medical emergencies. RapidStop Tourniquet and Israeli Bandages are included for excessive bleeding and compatible with a Heartsine AED* for cardiac arrest. Modulator Extreme can reduce many risks identified in compulsory workplace risk assessments. Chat to our team today about how Modulator Extreme can assist you by calling 1300554192 or 


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