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Plant Nappy™ Portable Spill Bunding - 1000mm x 685mm

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Plant Nappy® Products.

The Plant Nappy® is a better alternative to the use of drip trays under plant and machinery on site. It is designed for use outside in the rain and harsh conditions to provide containment of oil and fuel spills for generators and other site machinery, whilst overcoming the problem of filling with water.

The Design

The design allows drips of oil or fuel to be caught in the base and rainfall to escape through the side walls as pure clean water. The base of the mat is non-permeable fabric laminated with an oil soak filter, to absorb the oil, and protected by a permeable top fabric to allow free passage of contaminants. The side wall is permeable with a filter fabric that allows free passage of water but not oil. It only discharges clean water.

· Vinyl coated polyester mesh
· Abrasion resistant
· Oil & chemical resistant
· UV resistant
· High tensile strength
· Temperature resistance, -20°C to 107°C
· Melt point, 157°C

Base material
· Woven Olefin fabric coated with Olefin resin
· Stain, chemical, and mildew resistant
· Abrasion resistant
· UV resistant
· High tensile strength
· Temperature resistance, -20°C to 107°C
· Melt point, 157°C

Fill material
· Polypropylene fibre & polyester yarn
· High ratio of oil to fabric weight adsorption
· Non toxic & non hazardous
· UV resistant
· Melt point, 135°C

Available sizes
· 500 x 685mm
· 1000 x 685mm
· 2000 x 1370mm

Plant Nappy® Liners.


The Plant Nappy® liner is a useful addition to complement and extend the life of the Plant Nappy®. The liner sits snugly onto the base of the Plant Nappy® but is easily removed for cleaning or replacement. Just as the Plant Nappy® has a non-permeable base and a tough top cover so has the liner to give prolonged efficient service.

Cleaning of the liner couldn't be easier, simply remove the liner from the Plant Nappy® and squeeze out the oil into a suitable receptacle, and then replace back into the Plant Nappy® for reuse. Because the liner is flat, a pair of rollers such as a mangle would prove quite useful for this procedure.

The capacity of a standard liner is approximately 4.5 lts and may become quite heavy, in which case it would probably be beneficial to clean at 50% capacity.


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SKU SC9096
Brand Plant Nappy

Fantastic System

By: on 4 February 2019
I fully recommend the plant nappy system

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