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Positive communication on site reduces plant machinery collisions

13 April 2023
Brendan Clayton

Positive communication on site reduces plant machinery collisions

The need of Positive Communication on sites where large machinery are working in close proximity has been highlighted through many collisions on mine sites, quarry sites and large infrastructure projects right across Australia.

As Safety Advisors we need to be promoting constant positive communication between operators to ensure collisions between plant machinery and even light vehicles is totally eliminated.

A simply positive communication system that has been implemented by many mining, quarrying and civil construction projects in Australia is through the use of UHF radios and UHF Call Number Signs on each machine or vehicle, every contractor would no doubt already have access to UHF radios as they are often essential for gaining entry onto site, UHF Call Signs are also becoming very common on these worksites to allow operators to call the correct vehicle or machine.

UHF Call Number Signs are custom made providing you with a unique code which usually is your company initials and the plant number so your machine can be easily identified and communicated with whilst on site.

UHF Call Numbers are available in magnetic and self adhesive and are usually placed on each side of the machine or vehicle, another option which is becoming popular on sites is the Roof Top UHF Call Sign Triangles which are visible from all directions.

Another system Moolarben Coal came up with several years ago is also really good and has been successful in reducing collisions on their coal mining site in New South Wales, goes to show what great ideas come through involving all your team on coming up with safety solutions, watch this video to find out more!




If you would like assistance in creating a positive communication system on your sites, we would love to work with you, contact Industroquip on 1300554192 to get started.

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