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Scaffolding Industry Australia

Scaffolding Industry Australia

The Australian scaffolding market continues to grow and is projected to increase from $1.19 billion industry in 2018 to $1.56 billion in 2025. It is dominated by multi-national companies who hold a combined market share of approximately 48%. 

The smaller scaffolding companies (0-15 employees) hold the second largest market share with 33%. The rest are made up of mid to large size companies that are multi-disciplined trades, and scaffolding is just one of the services they offer.

Scaffolding is a high risk job and if not done correctly can have catastrophic results.

Industroquip work with many scaffolding companies across Australia supplying harness equipment, tool tethering equipment, gloves and other PPE.

Industroquip also manufacture printed Bannamesh which is often used by scaffolding and construction companies to get their brand around the scaffolding structures.