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Wheel Stops - Rubber and Concrete - In Stock Sydney & Newcastle | Industroquip

Wheel Stops are a simple yet effective solution to protect vehicles and property from damage while they are being parked.

Wheel stops are used to limit the travel of a vehicle too far into a parking space. Wheel stops sometimes referred to as wheel stoppers are used in both inside and outside areas where pedestrians could be in danger of the parking vehicle or to avoid the contact of a vehicle with a wall, barrier or kerb. 

In accordance with the Australian Standard AS2890.1:2004, it states that wheel stops shall be between 90 and 100mm in height, and 1650 +/- 50mm in width.

Wheel stops will work in any type of car parking situation; they are tough, durable and unobtrusive, and come in rubber and concrete options Contact our friendly team in Sydney or Newcastle for trusted safety advice, fast friendly service and qualiuty compliant solutions.

We often get asked how and where do I place my wheel stops, is there an Australian Standard? 

There is an Australian standard in regard to the positioning of wheel stops, it is important nto position them correctly when installing as positioning them incorrectly can make them non-compliant, creating a safety hazard to pedestrians and vehicles.

The wheel stop should be placed an equal distance between the side lines of the car space. The Australian standard according to AS2890.1:2004, states the distance from the wall or kerb that the wheel stop should be positioned is as follows:

Standard Kerb (up to 150mm high) where cars:

  • Front in: 620mm from the kerb to the back of the wheel stop
  • Rear In: 900mm from the kerb to the back of the wheel stop

High Kerb or Wall (higher than 150mm) where cars:

  • Front in: 820mm from the kerb to the back of the wheel stop
  • Rear in: 1100mm from the kerb to the back of the wheel stop

Rubber Wheel Stops are alot more cost effective especially when freighting as Concrete  Wheel Stops are extremely heavy and bulky to transport.