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Why do mine vehicles have flags?

04 April 2023
Brendan Clayton

Why do mine vehicles have flags?

A safety flag installed on your mine vehicle is essential to ensure safety when driving a light vehicle in a mine site or large infrastructure project where there is an increased risk of accidents and collisions due to poor visibility.

Mine Flags reduce the chance of collisions on mine sites by alerting heavy drivers that there is a light vehicle nearby.

Mine Flags in Australia are usually made from a heavy duty orange mesh type material like below to allow wind to flow through but still be visible enough to do the job they are intended for and then we usually add a class 1 reflective tape in a cross shape like below.

These flags are installed onto fibreglass poles making them durable and flexible in case they come into contact with trees or overhead structure and they come complete with quick release fittings for each installation and removal from the mine vehicle at the entry and exit of the mine site.

Mine Vehicle Safety Flags are made flexible so they will bend and whip at high speeds. However it is recomended to not drive over speeds of 60km/h with the whip flag installed in case it causes damage to your vehicle or the flag.

Mine Vehicle Safety Flags are becoming increasing popular now on large infrastructure sites like the Western Sydney Airport, Motorway Projects and projects like Hydro, if you require any further information on mine-spec vehicle accessories or have further questions about mine vehicle safety flags please call our team on 1300554192 or email 




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