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You can now text us!

15 January 2024
Brendan Clayton

You can now text us!

Here at Industroquip in 2024 our motto is FAST. FRIENDLY & FLEXIBLE!

And its more then just a slogan, it is our 3 guiding principles when it comes to serving you our customer.

It's about making it easier for you, so we are pleased to announce one of the first steps is to implement Text Messaging, everyone has a phone, many people would prefer to text but many companies inflexible processes, unfriendly attitude towards customers makes this nearly impossible.

So instead of ringing an unfriendly supplier, trying to remember your account number/ name, making sure you have all your part numbers sorted before ringing is a thing of the past, simple text the Industroquip team, tell us what you want, where you need it and we will make it happen.

Save our new number now to your phone 0483 932 086 and simply text us anytime with your questions, orders etc.

If you have any more idea's of how we could make your buying experience better and easier at anytime please flick a text or email and we will be sure to listen to your ideas.


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