Our UN Certified haziSAFE® bags provide a very efficient and cost effective containment solution to demolition and decontamination companies. The hazi bags provide a safer and smarter way to transport hazardous waste.

  • UN Certified for Asbestos Removal
  • SWL up to 1250kg
  • Safe and efficient option for hazardous waste removal
  • 1m3 Size, 1.5m3 & 3m3 with further sizes coming soon!

Ideal for containing hazardous or harmful waste including asbestos waste, methamphetamine decontamination and contaminated soils. UN Certified for the containment & transportation of asbestos waste.

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How to dispose of Asbestos Waste in NSW

How to dispose of Asbestos Waste in NSW

You can only dispose of asbestos waste at a licensed landfill that manages asbestos away from the community.

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