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Do Eco-friendly safety signs cost more?

29 March 2023
Brendan Clayton

Do Eco-friendly safety signs cost more?

EcoSign - Safety Signs that won't cost the Earth!

Many large infrastructure projects and construction companies in Australia are realising the many environmental benefits of choosing Eco-Friendly Safety Signs otherwise known as EcoSign but are raising concerns that the cost will be signifcantly more, the good news is EcoSign Environmentally Friendly Safety Signs are no dearer than our standard Polypropylene Safety Signs!

EcoSign won't cost you any more and will save the environment by being 50% to 100% Recycled, 100% Recyclable, Carbon Neutral and Non Toxic.

If you're looking for an environmentally friendly option when purchasing Safety Signs for your project or facility, look no further, EcoSign has you covered!

What ranges are available in the EcoSign Material?

All our standard ranges of Safety Signs including Danger Signs, Warning, Caution Signs, Mandatory Safety Signs, Hazard, Prohibition, Notice & Information Signs and even customise safety signs are available in the EcoSign material.






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