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Sundström® SR500/200 Fan Unit with Heavy Duty Battery & Full Face Mask & SR550 Hose - Sundstrom

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The Sundström® powered air purifying respirator (PAPR) is an alternative to negative-pressure filter respirators in situations where these are recommended.

The fan-assisted air flow may be of benefit during extended periods of work in warm conditions.

The fan can be used with Sundström hoods, face shields or full face masks.

SR200 Silicone facepiece Heavy duty use, full time exposure, long term work in areas requiring very high protection levels

The Sundström SR200 full face respirator provides very high protection at heavy-duty work for extended periods.

The respirator offers added eye and face protection, and a higher protection factor than half masks.

Use with filters, supplied air, or Sundström PAPR.

> Headtop Features

— Very high protection factor (NPF 2000)

— Two exhalation valves

— Valve caps with air diffusion (no clogging during spray jobs)

— Low weight

— Fabric head harness - no sticking rubber

— Unique curved visor for exceptionally wide and deep field of vision

— Part of inhalation air is channelled across the visor to minimise mist forming

— Can easily be fitted with optional SmallTalk microphone and loudspeaker

— Accepts all Sundström filters and compressed air attachments, as well as PAPR

> Fan Unit Features

— Two speeds (175 and 240 l/min)

— Lithium-ion battery

— Battery available as Heavy Duty (HD)

— Battery recharge time: approximately 2 h (HD)

— Supplied with 2 filters/filter combinations

— Operating time up to 13 h

— Single control for on, off and operating status

— Automatic air flow control

— Can be used with hood, shield or full face mask

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Whether you are protecting your workforce from paint, pesticides or even asbestos fibres, Industroquip Safety & Signage will have what you require in stock ready for fast delivery Australia wide.


Sundstrom Respirators are available for Fast Shipping to Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane, Melbourne, Darwin, Adelaide & Perth.


Sundström Safety protects people from contaminated air and is not content to simply meet official requirements their aim is to always design and manufacture the best and most comfortable respiratory protection equipment on the market.


Over the years Sundström Safety have invested major resources in the development of user-friendly and individually adapted respiratory protection equipment of the highest quality. Today Sundström Safety can present a compatible and modular product range that is flexible and adaptable according to both personal comfort and the needs and requirements of the workplace.


Sundström Safety AB was founded back in 1926 by mining engineer Ivan Sundström, who was early to recognise the need to protect miners' eyes and lungs. Before it is too late. As illnesses caused by breathing in contaminated air often take a long time to develop, it is easy to ignore their seriousness. Good respiratory protection equipment must be simple to use and comfortable to wear.


Today, the third generation of Sundströms are continuing to run the company in the same spirit.


Industroquip Safety & Signage are a leading distributor of the Sundström Safety range of Respiratory Protection Products in Australia & New Zealand, we hold large stocks of the Sundström Safety Products at all times ready for fast delivery Australia wide, we offer Technical Advice on Respiratory equipment and we can look after your fit testing requirements.


We also stock Moldex, Honeywell, Force 360, Maxisafe, Prochoice and many other brands of respirators if required.


Whether you are after a full system or a single mask we are here to help you contact the team on 1300 554 192 or now.


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SKU RE3400
Brand Sundstrom

Perfect unit

By: on 15 March 2019
Currently using these systems on a project in Melbourne. Comfortable, easy to set up and i highly recommend.

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