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What items are in a Spill Kit?

What items are in a Spill Kit?

A question we get asked alot here at Industroquip is What items are in a Spill Kit?

Spill Kits in Australia normally contain the below products but quantities of each component may differ between brands purchased, it is always a good idea to ask your Spill Kit supplier for a contents list prior to purchasing.

Spill Control Booms

Spill Booms or Absorbent Socks are used to contain the spill area and to surround drains to prevent spills reachig the waterways and damaging our environment.

Absorbent Pads

Absorbent Pads are usually around 400 to 500mm square and appear like a large kitchen sponge.

They can absorb incredible amounts of liquids and spill kits usually have between 20 and 50 of them in each wheelie bin spill kit.

Absorbent Pillows

The name basically says it all but an Absorbent Pillow looks like a pillow but contains highly absorbent material and is used to absorb large volume of spilt liquids.

Contaminated Waste Disposable Bags

Contaminated Waste Bags are high quality bags normally around 200 micron thick that are printed with a warning about the contents of the waste so it can be disposed of safely, all used spill cleanup materials should be disposed of in the provided contaminated waste bags and sealed with a cable tie 

Floor Sweep or Granular Absorbents

Often manufactured from Coir, Zeolite, Perlite or Recycled Paper floor sweep or granular absorbents are included in most spill kits, some floor sweeps contain silica so appropriate PPE must be worn when using these, very easy to use floor sweep gets poured out of a bag or drum over spilt oil or liquids and swept back and forth till all liquid is absorbed. The most common absorbent provided by Industroquip is Guzzler which is an Australian 100% Natural Product that is extremely absorbent.

For more information about the contents of Spill Kits or to discuss your spill response kit requirements contact the team at Industroquip on 1300 554 192 or email

Industroquip provide a Spill Kit Refill Service Australia Wide.