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Tidybord™ ‘Lean & Clean’ Shadow Boards & Cleaning Stations


Tidybord™ ‘Lean & Clean’ is an Australian Made range of products consisting of:

  • Cleaning Stations
  • 5s Shadow Boards
  • Customised Shadow Boards
  • Lockout Boards
  • Spill Control Equipment Boards
  • Container Unloading Equipment Boards
  • Packaging Stations
  • PPE Consumable Stations

And much more!

When you choose Tidybord you are in great company, we have created Tidybord's for many large warehousing, manufacturing, fast food, retail and even waste management companies right across Australia.

Some of these companies include James Hardie, Rode Microphones, Santos, Bapcor, Border Express, CHEP and many more.

If you are looking for shadow boards to create a more Lean & Clean workplace reach out today on 1300 554 192  we would love to work with you!